FOTD: Neutrally Nude (VIDEO)

Due to Youtube not letting me be great yesterday, I didn’t have the chance to upload the video to accompany this post. I wanted to show guys how the MAC Matchmaster Foundation looked in real-time as well as the full layout of my Black Friday Shopping Feature. In the coming weeks I hope to knock out some review for other products. I’m still working on the lighting situation, so bear with me. Check it out below. ūüôā


Marni For H&M to Debut March 2012

Marni¬†for¬†H&M ¬†in Spring 2012? Why, yes please. A few weeks ago rumors swirled that H&M would be bringing back another round of Versace for Spring 2012, so I’m glad the chain decided to break up the heavy leather and electro-bright prints with a designer that’s more modern and conservative. A favorite of everyone from Anna Wintour to Alexa Chung, this collection is sure to bring a massive wave of excitement. Check out the video below of the grand announcement with commentary from Creative Director, Consuelo Castiglioni and’s Tim Blanks.

Updates: NY Post Black Friday Shopping Feature + Zara Shopping + MAC’s Matchmaster Foundation + YouTube + More

How was everyone’s holiday weekend? Oh my God, this week has been absolute craziness from start to finish. Where do I begin? If you’ve been a follower of this blog or have for once checked out my About¬†tab, then you know that I am Reporter at the New York Post. Yes, when I’m not blogging about high heels or sequins I’m chasing down bad guys in the Bronx for a story. Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I had the opportunity to cover a Black Friday Shopping story, and me and my findings were shot in a special feature. Words can’t describe how excited I was for New Yorker’s to see how much I love fashion and putting looks together. It was truly a blast. This was a highlight in my career. I’m still super excited. If you want, you can check out the feature here.

Yay for my Black Friday Shopping Feature in the New York Post!!!

I’m also looking to expand my YouTube channel, so if you want you can subscribe to it here. Also word around the blogging streets is that registration for NYFW opened today, so I have to get started on that to keep you all up on the Fall 2012 fashion forecast. On Saturday I hung out with my bestie for food and shopping. I went into Zara and copped a pair of black and pink color blocked heels for $19.99 and their new Chocolate Rollerball Perfume.

Being the ridiculous product junkie I am, we went on over to the MAC store in Times Square and I purchased the new Matchmaster Foundation in 9.0 (OMG, Ahhhhmaaazing! Рreview to come), Touch Lustre lipstick and Glitter and Ice Dazzleglass. I still need to go back for that Lovejoy blush and the Pro-long Wear Concealer. 

I closed out my weekend brunching with some of my favorite girls, RhapsoDani, The Style and Beauty Doctor, and Looking Fly On a Dime. As always, it was super fun and inspiring.

This weekend was such a whirlwind that I totally forgot to say how much I appreciate you for reading this blog. Thank you so much! Please stay tuned.

x0x0 – Candace

It’s That Time Again! Get 20% Off Everything During ASOS’ Black Friday Sale

YESSSS! You all don’t know how happy I was to receive notice that ASOS will be offering 20% off everything (including sale items) during their annual Black Friday sale. I don’t know about you, but this is the best time to get a jump-start on holiday shopping. Not to mention my birthday is right around the corner. If you plan on taking advantage of the sale use the code¬†‚ÄúHAPPYBLACKFRIDAY‚ÄĚ for the women’s sale and¬†‚ÄúBLACKFRIDAY2011‚ÄĚ for the men. The sale runs through Monday November 28th at Midnight. P.S. – ASOS always offers free shipping on all items regardless of price. If this sale seems a bit overwhelming to you, I picked a few items below.

Click Each Picture to Shop!

TFNC Embellished One Shoulder Dress, $30.55

Dr Denim High Shine Dress, $35.94

ASOS Shift Dress with Knot Waist, $21.56

Happy Shopping Loves! 

Discussion: Are You Sick of Being Force Fed Fashion?


I’m going to start this¬†off with a school of thought that is all too familiar with my business savvy folks. We’re living in a buyer’s market. Brands need to unload. They produce big product due to the whiny nature of consumerism, but on many fronts the consumer still isn’t purchasing. Post-recession life has tainted our buying ability. You know there’s a huge problem when The Gap is closing stores and facing ¬†financial issues. As plain as they maybe, you never thought the classic khaki chino would ever go out of style. Now when we spend, we look at our purchases for a greater return. A simple black pair of pants won’t do, it must be embellished with studs and leather. Oh and if there is no coupon, then I’m not buying. Why is the fashion industry faced with this problem?

With there being exceptions, a few true die-hard fashion lovers still exist and they’ll spend their last dime on a pair of pumps. I’m not one of them. This is only the case because I see something lacking. There is a great disconnect between advertising and the consumer. Something isn’t working. As a brand the best way to create influence to insure product is being sold is through campaigns and propaganda.
In turn, this issue falls on the shoulders of editors, writers, stylists and bloggers. My question to you is it all too much? There use to be a time when you flipped through a magazine to read about your favorite celeb’s Montana ranch or a retrospect highlighting the long career of your favorite designer– but now it seems those normal stories are being replaced with “Buy this, Wear that” editorials. The trends are overtaking the classics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to be trendy at time, but is this the only thing worth selling?

Let me know your thoughts. Are you over trends being dictated to you?

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