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Busy Bee!

I have been so extremely busy that not only have I not had enough to time blog, but you can tack on eating properly and sleeping to that list. Work has been so demanding… I’ve whipping up some fun fashion post for Spa Week Daily such as this fun take on the camel color trend for fall, and I have been challenged to take on some beauty assignments for Madame Noire. I will be updating this very sparsely. Oh and did I mention I’m in the process of moving… oy.

If you wish, follow me on twitter for quick updates, and I also spill my guts in my tumblr blog. Be back soon. xoxo


>Emilio Pucci Sale on

>Let’s look at a bunch of expensive ish that I want but can’t afford and even if I could afford would be too afraid to buy lol.. Emilio Pucci, has some really hawt ish on The Outnet right now and you can get an extra 40% off the mark down price…

And just like that this one’s sold out already but it’s too friggin hot not to post.
Sequined silk-blend jacket Original Price $5,220 Now $1,044 80% off 
I’d like to dubb this the “K” dress because it has Kelly Rowland and Kelis written all over it..

>Fab Link Round Up 8.12.10

>So I’m back from vacation and everyone has Fall Fashion on the brain. Maybe we’re just exciting about Fashion Week next month, but either way… Here are the fab fashion and beauty links across the web.

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>Behind The Blog : Overcoming F.E.A.R. in Jamaica


Last week I took a much needed vacation to Jamaica (no Facebook, Twitter, or Texting). Going, I expected to be in a 24-hour Girls Gone Wild style (a subdued version) non-stop, lush-filled, hangover fest, but it was just the opposite. First off, Jamaica is beautiful. I am the hugest skeptic and I usually take people’s reviews with a grain of salt, but Jamaica is really all they say it is. “Everyting is Irie.” One of my friends and I retreated to Montego Bay for 5 days of reflection at the Royal Decameron Resort. I’ll admit, I am thee hugest scaredy cat. I am afraid of anything that moves, even if it requires batteries to do so. I flew over to MoBay by myself and was pretty much terrified. When I got to Jamaica, I had no idea that I would be faced with circumstances to force me to face my fears.

A major step for me was when my friend convinced me to get on a jet ski. High speed and deep water don’t mix in my book (I cried a little), but I did it. Another major moment was when I went way out to sea on the glass bottom boat and had to jump in the middle of the ocean to get to the next obstacle…. Just thinking about it still gives me chills.

Way out in the sea! Whew!

We also visited a church there and although the message was a little difficult to understand (Jamaican to American dialect was a #fail for transmittance in my head), the jest of the message was to “Examine Yourself.” This sermon coupled with the encouraging words of the sea captain to “don’t be afraid of the water, just dive in, you’ll pop back up”, taught me a lot about myself. I have been living in fear for too long and it’s not outside elements controlling me, it’s my own thinking….

My spiritual retreat was aided by Kelly Cutrone’s book “If You Have to Cry Go Outside”, recommended by Erin Scandolous. ( I know, late pass.) I watched her video review of the book and again, was not immediately buying it and bought it for myself.Kelly Cutrone hit home in so many ways. She’s fearless, but she had to learn to be that way. I highly suggest you buy the book. Aside from the many lessons she talks about in the book like “getting out of our own head” and “always do things with confidence, as if you know what you’re doing”, one passage stuck with me:

Sometimes the seasons come out of order.. You can get 3 winters back to back but it’s beautiful knowing that Spring will eventually come again.

On the jet ski,”faking it” like Kelly Cutrone and holding on for dear life..

We have to have faith that it’s possible to overcome whatever we are going through. Your thoughts can become reality, so it’s important to always think positive…. Hopefully this is my last Kumbaya post for a while but I just had to get that out and let you guys know what I’ve been up to.

Fear… False Evidence Appearing Real

>Fab Link Round Up 8.5.10


Slow blogging week.. My apologies. I’m hours away from hopping on a plane to Jamaica! [can’t you feel my excitement?]  I’ve waited all summer long for this much needed break. In the meantime,  get a dose of fab beauty and fashion links across the web.

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