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>Fashion Night Out Returns for 2010


It’s Back!!!! It’s just been announced by WWD that Fashion Night Out is back for 2010!  So, if you missed it the first time around, or if you didn’t plot your store visits so smoothly, you’ll have another chance to do it all over again, even better on September 9, 2010. FNO was a certified success, garnering 50% more foot traffic, and was able to get people excited about shopping again. The results were enough to even please Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour. “We were absolutely bowled over by the response to Fashion’s Night Out,” said Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. “It was only 15 minutes after the event began, and we were getting reports about lines around the block at stores throughout the city. It was wonderful to see people embrace this initiative, and we are thrilled that they wish it to return.” According to Racked, which admits that most of us were there to party and not shop, retailors are pushing for it to be a tax free holiday. Fingers are definitely crossed on that one! 

Oh the memories of FNO. Walking through the Meat Packing District, loading up on cocktails, snapping pictures with celebs, hoisting freebies. Still kicking myself for missing the Mary Kate and Ashley at Bergdorf’s and Rihanna at Intermix. All in all ’twas a good night! 



>Fashion Night Out

>So after the weeks of advertising through, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs T-shirts, Fashion Night Out finally arrived. There were events all over the city in every borough starting at 6 pm and going on until 10pm or in some places later. Honestly speaking I was a bit flustered, confused and fustrated. I am horrible at decision making and no matter how many times I attempted to map out a schedule I just couldn’t do it. There were too many great parties, and celebrities to see all over. It pains me to say that Rihanna was at Intermix, and I wasn’t. Also, Anna Wintor, Michael Kors, and Diane Von Fursterburg were at Macys in Queens. Barneys had to be a zoo with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen serving drinks and someone tweeted that they spotted Emmy Rossum there in the mix (Just Breathe). Well, I decided to go to the Meat Packing District with my friend Tiffany, and it was (RZ voice) Ba-Nanas! Soo happy I went. We started at Catherine Malandrino were they served cocktails and had modern dancers/contortionist in the window. After that I strolled to Theory which was a Zoo! They revamped the mission of FNO to Party Night Out! The DJ went IN with the latest music, it was packed and soo much fun! A few drinks later while we made our way over to Adam we ran into the Ikea Lounge outside where they had laptops and a sitting area for public use. Adam was definitely (FTW= For the Win). They had cocktails, and Pop Burger. Mm Mm Good! Later we walked around a bit and landed in Tracey Reese where they did manicures, hair, and take a guess- more cocktails! We then found the Christian Loubutin boutique but didn’t stay long because there wasn’t any room! The last stop at the night consist of Tiff and I taking pics with a rather famous NYC socialite and designer, Tory Burch. Tory is absolutely beautiful in person and so kind. We had a blast!! Fashion Night Out should definitely be a yearly event. I hope it helped to boost fashion sales and will get people shopping again. Check out a few pics below.

Where were you for Fashion Night Out?