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Beauty Lush: Myrabelle Mascara Shield

Vera Wang Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

By: I’kerra Amos

I had the privilege of trying out a product, essential to your makeup kit –be it professional or personal– the Myrabelle Mascara Shield. There is absolutely nothing else on the market like it. Though the initial usage is to ensure not to get mascara on your eyeshadow or cheeks after completing a full face, this product is multi-functional. It can help with the delicate process of applying liner to the top of lids, which is difficult no matter how steady the hand, you can also use this product to place pencil liners on your water/tight line for the perfect sultry look. I purchased my Mascara Shield at the 2011 I.M.A.T.S. NYC. Check out to get your very own. Clean up is so hassle-free and you’ll wonder how you’ve functioned so long without one.

                                                                                                                          Image via Style and Beyond Beauty Basics


8th Annual CFDA Vogue Fashion Awards

In the fashion organization’s 8th year, The CFDA Vogue Fashion Awards was presented Monday night at the Skylight Soho in New York City. The lucky recipient of the generous $300,000 fund and business mentor was none other than Joseph Altuzarra. The designer who runs in circles with the likes of Alexander Wang is known for his cool downtown aesthetic. Altuzarra found himself up against the designers of Cushnie et Ochs, Carlie Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, jewelry designer Pamela Love, and Shane Gabier and Chris Peters of Creatures of the Wind. Aside from the huge announcement the highlight of the evening was the red carpet or in this case, green shrubbery arrivals. Designers, actresses, models and socialites posed in their finest alongside an earthy green background.

Lala Anthony arrived in a bright aqua blue Zac Posen dress that seemed to hug her every curve. I love how she accessorized with purple strappy heels and a fun clutch.


Amanda Seyfried showed up in a feathery white frock by Prabal Gurung.

Olivia Wilde supported the ladies of Cushnie et Ochs wearing a fun black dress with interesting peek-a-boo detailing.

Always one to go against the grain, Rachel Roy was dramatic as ever wearing a snow white fur vest and a long black skirt.


I loved Joan Smalls’ entire look including the makeup. She really went for it in Altuzarra.

I love Zoe Kravitz in this leather Alexander Wang dress. I guess the pointy toe is making a comeback.

Coco Rocha got her Carmen Sandiego on in this grey floral dress and floppy hat.


Liya Kibede shut it down in this head to toe shocking yellow look by Cushnie et Ochs.

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Oh Melanie Fiona, You Slay Me In Proenza Schouler

*Insert Loud Applause*

Every now and again you have to adjust your radar to see what else is out there. Canadian songtress, Melanie Fiona was absolutely divine on the Black Girls Rock 2011 red carpet wearing Proenza Schouler. This was such a bold choice and it paid off. Just the other day I was browsing SSENSE and I came across the skirt version of this dress and I just died. The cool toned blues, pinks and greens work so well with her warm complexion.

Being the style stalker that I am, I had to find more pictures of Melanie serving it up. So far, I peg her style as Glam Rock –a mix of mild edge with modern sophistication.

What do you think of Melanie’s style?

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Beauty Lush: X-Perience @ Bowery

By: I’kerra Amos 

Hey ladies, yep its been awhile since I did a feature, but here we go. I had the pleasure on a rainy Saturday afternoon to be apart of a skin care revolution at The New Museum on Bowery St. I went to an event featuring, X Out, a new  product from the makers of Proactive. The one-step facial wash, though geared toward teens to help fight acne, can definitely be used by all that suffer from the known assailant. X Out is a two-minute wash, that can also be used as a mask or spot treatment. The bottle features a QR code that takes you to a “Daily Distraction”, which is essentially a timer to help the user to wash their face for the entire two-minutes.

The theme was teens and the atmosphere was lovely, all white tables & chairs with lockers lined against the walls which brought back those fond memories of high school. A very chic booth to take photos, an airbrush artist to personalize your bags and a buffet, what else could a girl ask for? (Would everyone please report to the cafeteria.)

I suffer from many allergies and the one thing that automatically caught my eye was the short list of ingredients, that’s always a plus in my book. X Out does contain 8.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, this is prescription grade, so those with sensitive skin should perform spot test and opt to do shorter washes. Though benzoyl peroxide can be drying, X Out, also contains Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid (Vitamin F Forte) and Glycerin which will moisturize, balance  and maintain smooth skin.

Overall it was a great experience and well spent afternoon. X Out available at, $24.95 or $19.95 per month with regular shipments. I can not wait to try this product out and will post a full review after fully trying out the product. Fingers crossed, until next time.

What Was Fashion’s Night Out….

I type this blog with a runny nose, the sniffles, and blood-shot red eyes. Yes guys, I hate to admit it but I’m sick. I have no clue where this cold came from because I wore a long sleeve grey sweater dress last night for Fashion’s Night Out. A night where all of NYC transforms into a serious catwalk and goes into a full fledge fashion frenzy–my precious city was total madness from corner to corner.

I started the night with I’kerra at Sephora on 48th and 5th. There I racked up some goodies from Carol’s Daughter and I chatted with Sarah Brown – Beauty Editor of Vogue and Wendy Zomnir – Creative Director and Co-Founder of Urban Decay Cosmetics. Wendy was super nice and we told her about our little problem with their sale last week. We cut her some slack for being so nice, but boy was she going to get it. I was so nervous speaking to Sarah Brown. First off she looked as if she stepped right out of Devil’s Wear Prada. She wore her hair slicked back in her signature coif and donned a sharp black suit while her porcelain skin simply glowed. All in all I got over my fears and asked her for some journalism advice. She was super sweet.

Then we took our talents to Lord & Taylor where Solange was spinning on the 2nd floor. Here is where I got a whiff of the probable fashion game that I would be witnessing for the rest of the night. Excuse my language, but people dressed their asses off! There were sequins, leopard prints, and tough leather each way you turned. Aaaah!!! So now we’re in full throttle we went down to the Meat Packing District, which was a total zoo. We stopped in to Bond No.9 which was absolute heaven. I’m thinking about going there again today just so I can sniff. If you don’t have a fragrance from Bond No. 9 in your life, I suggest you go cop a sample STAT. We wrapped up and got some grub at that nearest diner.

So what did I get out of the night? New York still is and will always be the “City of Dreams.” People come here to make things happen. New Yorker’s of all walks and industries are movers and shakers. Just walking down the street you felt apart of the air of confidence and assurance. If prior to FNO’s kickoff you felt defeated, by the end of the night you felt revived. Fashion Night Out was more than a booster for the industry, but also for the people who inhabit it.

More pics to come!