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Rihanna Shoots New Video, ‘We Found Love’ in Ireland

Say goodbye to the LOUD era. In a few short years, Rihanna has gone from Rated R, to NC -17 and now here she is again to reintroduce us to the playful young girl we used to know. She put the bright red hair to bed weeks ago as a signal that she’s ready for a change. What better way to put that era to bed than to present new material? Here she is rocking a girl Western look with natural auburn hair, but with her usual twist of sex appeal. Can’t wait to see this video.



Five Questions for Kanye West Before He Shows His Women’s Collection in Paris

The suspense is killing me. The latest buzz in the blogosphere is that Kanye West is showing his women’s collection in Paris this Saturday. His line will be compared amongst fashion heavyweights including Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Lanvin. Yea um Kanye, I’m happy for you and all but I have a few questions which I am surprised the media has yet to successfully probe.

1) What is the name of the line?
Is it just Kanye West? I’m hoping it is a little more creative than that, but of course that’s an obvious option. Kanye is the type of guy who enjoys portraying that he thinks outside of the box. He’s drawn to grandeur and artistic aesthetics and best expresses himself in that light as we’ve seen with his last two album covers, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Thrown. We need a name Kanye!

2) Who was your muse?
The last time Kanye was responsible for dressing a muse she showed up to Paris Fashion Week wearing a black shearling coat and a thong like string dress underneath.

Women who dress with class can’t easily overlook the Amber Rose era. This was Kanye’s Snoop Dogg moment. Am I to trust a man with my appearance who considers strings thrown together as a dress ?

3) What is the price point?
Kanye is heavily influenced by Celine who’s current ready to wear collection rings up in the thousands. Should I just keep my credit card in my wallet and not even attempt a purchase? Is the collection going to be catered to the European market. I’m hoping our American dollars are enough to afford at least a shirt because it will be a collector’s item.

4) Who is this Katy Eary?
Don’t tell me this is Katy Perry’s alter ego. Supposedly Kanye enlisted a slew of talented collaborators including Katy Eary who is a British Menswear designer. The Cut reports that Katy Eary just showed her first womenswear collection in London last week, so how much experience does she really have?

5) Have you spoken to Lindsay Lohan?
That’s a serious question. We know you as that rapper from Chicago. Through your success, you’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures which all contribute to your artistic outlook. We’re privy to Kanye’s penchant for design as he’s even taken an internship with The Gap, but does he really have the chops to pull it off. Celebrity lines have been tragic in the past. This is a fickle industry that is often about making a quick buck off of a famous name. No one wants to see a repeat performance of cheap pink pasties coming down the runway a la Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro because a celebrity felt inspired.

I still love you Kanye, but I need answers!

Scarlett Johansson Makes Her First Appearance Since Nude Photo Scandal, Wearing Nude No Less

Way to sock it to ’em! True empowerment is when you can turn a negative situation into a positive. Scarlett Johansson emerged at the Dolce & Gabbana  show in Milan of which she is the face for, wearing a nude laced number with a poppy red lip. She looks exquisite!

Source: Socialite Life 

This Is Why Adele Is The Shit

Powerful. This woman has like the #1 album in the entire galaxy and she doing all on her own terms. Adele bravely told the public to love her or leave her alone, and to judge her solely on her talent, because at the end of the day she really does not give a f*ck. I actually met Adele 2 years ago during the Barbara Tfank Spring 2010 presentation for New York Fashion Week. The same person I saw back then is who we are looking at today. Adele represents authenticity. I stayed up to the wee hours last night because one of my Facebook friends posted a bunch of beautifully sung YouTube videos of Adele performing. Yesterday might have been the best sleep of my life because her music was drumming through my ears. Chick is a legacy in the making. Please, click here to get into her music game.

Are you a big Adele fan?

Things I Don’t Understand: Why Brad Left Rachel Zoe Inc. [Bad Decisions]

At a hiatus which was entirely too long for me, the queen of Boho Chic is back with new episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project. In this new season Rachel dives head first into motherhood while juggling a new career path of becoming a real deal fashion designer. The show seemed to pick up in a crazy space as she dealt with her assistant, Brad Goreski bouncing to do God knows what. We never really understood the full scope of what went wrong and the only story the media told was that the relationship had gone very bad. As I watched the latest episode, Rachel and Rodger had been looking for a bigger home, shooting with Elle Magazine, showing the line to WWD, and dealing with el clientel — all of which can only mean one thing: business was good.

Which brings me back to my initial question: Brad, what the hell were you thinking? Bad Decision Making 101, you don’t leave while you are hot. I know he receives first row seating at fashion shows and is every photog’s sartorial wet dream, plus there is this new reality show on the horizon, but why leave just as things were heating up? Becoming a respectable stylist or designer takes more than just having great style and personality, but having the brawn and the brains to wrangle the clients in and keep them there. Rachel Zoe is one of the lucky few successful stylist in the world with a credible brand and that’s all because she worked to earn the trust of her clients. That success did not come over night or over one reality show season. I mean, what if Brad’s reality show tanks? We all know Bravo will cut him and his plaid suits like a juicy steak, just ask Kelly Cutrone. But there’s no pressure. Only the whole world is watching. I’m confident that Brad’s show will be at least a mild success knowing RZ has just as many haters as she does supporters.

So help me out here folks, what do you think of Brad’s decision to branch out on his own?