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Discussion: Are You Sick of Being Force Fed Fashion?


I’m going to start this off with a school of thought that is all too familiar with my business savvy folks. We’re living in a buyer’s market. Brands need to unload. They produce big product due to the whiny nature of consumerism, but on many fronts the consumer still isn’t purchasing. Post-recession life has tainted our buying ability. You know there’s a huge problem when The Gap is closing stores and facing  financial issues. As plain as they maybe, you never thought the classic khaki chino would ever go out of style. Now when we spend, we look at our purchases for a greater return. A simple black pair of pants won’t do, it must be embellished with studs and leather. Oh and if there is no coupon, then I’m not buying. Why is the fashion industry faced with this problem?

With there being exceptions, a few true die-hard fashion lovers still exist and they’ll spend their last dime on a pair of pumps. I’m not one of them. This is only the case because I see something lacking. There is a great disconnect between advertising and the consumer. Something isn’t working. As a brand the best way to create influence to insure product is being sold is through campaigns and propaganda.
In turn, this issue falls on the shoulders of editors, writers, stylists and bloggers. My question to you is it all too much? There use to be a time when you flipped through a magazine to read about your favorite celeb’s Montana ranch or a retrospect highlighting the long career of your favorite designer– but now it seems those normal stories are being replaced with “Buy this, Wear that” editorials. The trends are overtaking the classics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to be trendy at time, but is this the only thing worth selling?

Let me know your thoughts. Are you over trends being dictated to you?

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Sick Inspiration

Last night I literally spent the whole night at work filling in for a co-worker. Whenever I pull the “all-nighter” I spend most of my time browsing blogs, YouTube, and checking out my email offers of some of the favorite *e-tiques. This was all going on as my cold began to come down. I seriously don’t know where it came from. I haven’t been sick all year. In lieu of me putting my thinking cap on and placing my fingers on the board to give you some dope post (I can’t think straight when I’m sick), I ogled over these examples of inspiration.

Now doesn’t that just make you want to organize your closet, take inventory and truly put your best image forward at all times? Up until this year I never realize how much work goes into looking fabulous. It’s not an easy job. Kudos to those bloggers, editors, etc out there who make it seem like a piece of cake. I think it’s a gift. Even if the average joe had access to the wardrobe of their dreams it still takes inner style, beauty and the gusto to pull it off. There is an unexplainable passion behind it.

*Jumps Off Topic* —–>*Groupie Moment Alert* – When I got back up this afternoon, I received email notice that the Fashion Bomb had linked to one of my post (this one). Yoooo, that’s big news for a little blogger like me. Even if she doesn’t read my blog, but somehow stumbled across it doing a Google Search, it still put a smile on my face. It also became clear to me that if I keep writing about what I love and keep grinding eventually the world will see. I’m not just this boring news reporter. There is a side of me that most have never met. I read a quote on twitter that said: Being a successful blogger takes a little bit of narcissism. I plan to do more post that display that. With that said, let me know what you like. If you haven’t already Subscribe!, Follow Me On Twitter, Join My Facebook Page!  Let’s go…

P.S. I hope this all makes sense because I am completely scattered brain right now. XO

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Discussion: Why Doesn’t Tyra Banks Receive The Same Level of Respect As Other Black Legendary Models?

News broke this morning that Kelly Cutrone, owner of People’s Revolution and ex-Bravo TV reality star would be replacing Andre Leon Talley on America’s Next Top Model. I noticed the news wasn’t received with a lot of cheers or it was mostly shrugged off. That got me thinking. By no means am I a Tyra Banks “stan”, but it’s highly uncommon for any news coming from that direction to be taken seriously and I wonder why. It’s almost as if people see Tyra Banks as this long running joke. When I say people I am squarely referring to those related to the fashion industry, whether that is bloggers, editors, photographers, stylist or simply fashion enthusiasts.

Tyra Banks began her modelling career when she was a wee lad in high school. She’s walked for Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few. Since then she’s taken her knowledge of the fashion industry and transformed it into several businesses including The Tyra Show, ANTM, Type F, and her latest venture, Modelland, a fantasy book about the modeling industry targeted toward the teen market.  She’s walked with the best of them, yet she isn’t held at the same regard as a Naomi Campbell, an Iman, a Beverly Johnson or a Veronica Webb. She’s even enrolled into Harvard Business School to take her savvy to a whole new level.

All Type Foolishness aside. Is it because she has a bubbly personality? Is it because she isn’t painfully thin? Is it because she isn’t a familiar face during fashion week or frequent fashion events? Why do you think after all of these years, Tyra Banks does not retain the same level of respect as other black legendary models? Speak on it in the comment section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Color Blocking — I Am So Over It!

I’m going to answer that question with a resounding YES. I really struggled with this post. I mean, I didn’t want to seem like Bitter Betty whilst everyone is still having a great time at the color blocking ball. Is there no other to express our undying love for fashion then to become some type of trend happy drones with no desire to be different? For many, color-blocking has become to fool-proof approach to be chic. I understand we have busy lives and sometimes putting together a great looks takes a little work, but come on.

The summer trend of clashing brights and overly done and premeditated hype is coming to a halt with the approach of fall. Well, at least I hope so. With the help of blogs, magazines, TV programs, YouTube, and the planet — I’ve seen enough of color blocking. In fact, I am completely fine with never seeing a happy kid playing with his Leggos ever again. We’ve overdosed on copious amounts of this trend, which was able to transcend far beyond clothes, to even nails, hair and accessories.

For fall, I’m excited about the return of juicy cranberry shades, mustard yellows, rich browns, creams, plaids, dark lace and many other trends. Leave color blocking in the past for now. If you must color block, do so within the same color spectrum. Try going from a lighter shade of blue to dark. I’m going to say goodbye to color blocking for now. Does anyone else feel my pain?